new album 'VERITAS' AVAILABLE for order!


NEW release in late 2016


a special selection of newly dekadent classics!


Dekadent is about to go retrospective, by that I mean we decided to re-record some of our early works to which production and performance didn’t do complete justice. We are not talking about a full album re-recording but a narrow selection of songs from our first two albums Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding and The Deliverance of the Fall. With competent musicians on board, I truly believe this will be a worthy release for all our fans, while I personally believe it is something Dekadent’s old beautiful tunes deserve.


Included songs: Vigred, Dissident Dream, A Cry of Revolt, The Renaissance of Purity, Kres, ... and more.


dekadent mmxv:

Artur - guitars/vocals/fx

GAL - bass

gajwasz - guitars

tine - drums

DEKADENT is a representation of individual expression, based on the foundations of extreme metal music. Not limited by any musical genre, the art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting it's emotional vastness. It is not corrupted by the ideals of commercialism as it stands true to creativity and originality no matter the mainstream or public criteria.


Formed as a one-man project in late 2005 by Artur Felicijan, Dekadent have been pushing the boundaries of conventional black metal towards other atmospheres of audio-visual arts ever since.


Their music screams of reverence to nature and their Carniolan homeland. With their remarkable major chord compositions already present on 2006 debut Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding, or the symphonic video escapade of The Deliverance of the Fall (2008), the band’s ever-evolving technical performance band managed to enthrall the fans once more with their 3rd full length Venera: Trial & Tribulation.


2015 is the year of Veritas, their most challenging record to date. The concept album sees the return of the band to the artistic fields of film and video. Introducing a prolonged short-film format, the creative team saw a new challenge of combining visual drama with extreme metal music. Veritas was recorded and engineered by Andrej “Wulf” Vovk of Neurotech with complete film work and album packaging designed and produced by Dekadent’s prime artistic collaborators Felicijan Sedmak.

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