Established in 2005, Dekadent is a unique black metal band that combines ferocity with elegance and ethereal qualities. Despite their name suggesting a focus on decadence, their music expresses growth and progress with each album. Dekadent’s black metal style is distinctly original, drawing on a wide range of influences including various metal and classical elements, as well as 60’s psychedelia, epic soundtracks, and ambient music. The band cites influences ranging from classical luminaries such as Richard Strauss, Wagner, and Dvořak to black metal legends like Emperor, Bathory, and Samael. While some guitar and vocal parts may bear traces of Ihsahn, Quorthon, or Vorph, Dekadent’s music creates a unique ethereal and sanguine atmosphere that sets it apart from its influences.

In 2006, Dekadent released their first full-length album, Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding, on the Swiss SMP label. The album received great reviews and opened doors for the band. Later that year, Artur started recording the second album, The Deliverance of the Fall, accompanied by a feature music film of the same name.

The Deliverance of the Fall was released via Pentacle Music/Alive in January 2008 as a double album. It included an audio soundtrack and a DVD movie. The album was praised as the album of the month by numerous reviewers worldwide and earned Dekadent the honorary title of a formidable newcomer. At the same time, the band experienced their first lineup changes due to increased requests for live appearances.

In 2011, Dekadent made a strong comeback with their album Venera: Trial & Tribulation, which received a lot of critical acclaim. The release showed significant growth in songwriting and technical skills. The band also shot a new video for their song Raided. They introduced the album with live performances both locally and internationally. This helped them build a strong fan base in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK. Meanwhile, Artur focused on creating new material, eventually leading to the release of Dekadent’s album Veritas in 2015.

Veritas saw further development of Dekadent’s music, showcasing a diversity in style while incorporating more extreme metal brutality than ever before. To expand their creative output, Artur returned to present a motion picture along with the music of Veritas. Abandoning their label and all sorts of conventional distribution, the band sought support from their fans by launching a crowdfunding campaign on The campaign was successful and allowed the album to be released similarly to their sophomore release, as a double album including a full-length audio CD and Veritas the movie on DVD.

Just before releasing Veritas, Dekadent ended a couple of years’ live hiatus and began performing live with their current drummer, Tine, to promote Veritas. During this time, they introduced a permanent bassist, Gal. In 2016, Dekadent headlined a tour across Russia and a two-week tour across Europe. The extensive touring strengthened the bond between the four members, leading them to re-record a selection of seven songs from Artur’s old creations. Dekadent released their fifth album, DEKADA – A Manifest of Liberty, at the end of the year, reflecting their enduring underground spirit.

After being signed by the Italian label Dusktone, Dekadent recorded their most uncompromising album to date. The Nemean Ordeal was recorded in multiple sessions throughout much of 2019 while the band was busy performing across Europe. The album features more complex compositions, combining gritty and darker elements with uplifting melodies to create a new musical atmosphere for the band.

The coronavirus pandemic affected Dekadent like many other bands. With several touring plans cancelled, the band took a creative hiatus. After more than 5 years since their last full-length album, the Ljubljana quartet released their 7th full-length album DIONYST. The band focused on the production quality of this new album after careful preparation. The result is a powerful, expansive metal album combining brutal romanticism with emotional contrast. The band also released a music video for one of their first two singles, Zástor. The latest album has already received very positive reviews and is likely to become a fan favourite.